Town Services

Weathersfield Town Offices and Services

Weathersfield Town Office
5259 Route 5, Ascutney Vt 05030
PO Box 550
Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Town Office Contact Information
Telephone (802) 674-2626
Fax: (802) 674-2117

Weathersfield was chartered in 1761. The town is governed by a five-member select board. Meetings first and third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at Martin Memorial Hall.

Town Meeting is held the Saturday prior to voting day. Voting is by Australian Ballot.

Town Manager
Ed Morris (802) 674-2626

Flo-Ann Dango - (802) 674-9500
Asst Town Clerk- Marion Ballam 
(802) 674-2626
(802) 263-5272 

Non-Emergency Services
Ascutney Volunteer Fire Department
Chief Engineer, Darrin R. Spaulding
Ascutney Fire Station
P O Box 91, Route 131
Ascutney, Vermont 05030
Non Emergency: (802) 674-6869

West Weathersfield Volunteer Fire Department
Chief Engineer, Joshua Dauphin
West Weathersfield Fire Station
7259 Route 131
Perkinsville, VT 05151
Non Emergency: (802) 263-5655

Fire Commission
Darrin Spaulding, Joshua Dauphin, Lynn Esty

Fire Wardens
Darrin Spaulding 802-296-1888
Deputy Fire Warden 
Josh Dauphin 802-356-0623
Key Men: Tom Heiser 802-674-6664;
Mychael Spaulding 802-356-0038

Permits are required for ALL outside burning

Weathersfield Police Department
Chief of Police
William Daniels
Dispatch: (802) 674-2185
Mailing Address: 
Weathersfield Police Dept.
Post Office Box 550
Ascutney, VT 05030-0550

Golden Cross Ambulance
1 Lincoln Heights, Claremont, NH
Non Emergency: (603) 542-6660

Planning Commission, Conservation Commission, Zoning Board
Residents must apply to the Planning Commission for all permits for subdivision of land and to the Zoning Board for all permits for building or altering dwellings or businesses.
Copies of the Town Plan, zoning regulations and subdivisions regulations are available at the Town Office.

Dog License
All dogs must have a license, annually by April 1, which is available at the Town Office, regulations are available at the Town Office.

New to Town?
Stop by the Town Office to register to vote, to receive a town report and to secure permits for the trash and recycling center. Necessary tokens for the trash may be purchased at the Town Office, and a Downer's Corner Store in Perkinsville and the Sunoco Gas Station in Ascutney.

Post Offices
Weathersfield is served by six separate US Post Offices:
Ascutney 674-5308
Reading 484-5994
Cavendish 226-7238
Springfield 885-4103
Perkinsville 263-9298
Windsor 674-5822
For more information call the Town Office.

(802) 674-5400; fax (802) 674-9963
Superintendent, Dr. David Baker
Principal, JeanMarie Oakman
Grades K-8
135 Schoolhouse Road
PO Box 279, Ascutney, VT 05030

674-2863 5181 Rte. 5, Ascutney
hours: Wednesday to Friday, 12 to 6
Saturday, 9 –1

Residents use the Weathersfield Transfer Sta­tion, located at the intersection of Vt Rt. 106 and Amsden School Road in Weathersfield for recycling and trash disposal. Details of recy­cling and refuse regulations and associated fees are available at the Town Clerk’s office. Tokens can be purchased at Downers Corner Store, The Weathersfield Town Offices, and Ascutney Sunoco Gas Station and Store in Ascutney. A vehicle identification sticker is required and is available at the town office with proof of eligibility.
Route 106, north of Downer’s Corner; (802)263-5651
hours: Wednesday 12–5
Saturday 7–4
Sunday 12–4
Permits needed.
Punch Cards may be purchased at:
Town Office; Downer’s Corners Store in

Perkinsville; Ascutney Sunoco

802-296-1888 Darrin Spaulding
802-356-0623 Josh Dauphin, Deputy
Permits are required for ALL outside burning
Key Men:
Tom Heiser 802-674-6664

Mychael Spaulding 802-356-0038

Animal Control Officer
Cathy Sullivan (603) 477-1229
Lost My Way Animal Shelter
Mailing Address:
Weathersfield Animal Control Officer
Attn. Cathy Sullivan
PO Box 550
Ascutney, Vt 05030

Weathersfield Spay and Neuter Assistance Program 
Lynn Esty
Forms available at the Town Office

674-2626 Shirley Cole
674-9500 Flo-Ann Dango
674-9500 Marian J. Ballam

800-649-2877 (CVPS-Central Vermont Public Service)
263-9911 TDS Telecom
800-585-4466 Verizon

Mount Ascutney Hospital, Windsor, Vt
Springfield Hospital, Springfield, Vt
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center,
Lebanon, NH
Valley Regional Hospital, Claremont, NH

Claremont Muncipal Airport
Hartness State Airport
Lebanon Municipal Airport
Vermont Transit Lines
Dartmouth Coach
Advance Transit

Amtrak’s Vermonter

The Select Board
2017-2018 Select Board
Kelly Murphy, Chairperson
Lynn Esty, Vice-Chairperson
AmyBeth Main, Board Clerk
Daniel Boyer, Selector
C. Peter Cole, Selector
Email the Select Board
Town Office: (802) 674-2626

Select Board Meetings first and third Monday of each month

Justices of The Peace
Gregg P. Adamovich, Ascutney 674-2371
John Arrison, Ascutney 263-9405
Everett C. Bingham, Ascutney 674-5626
Daniel Boyer, Perkinsville, 263-9398
Ellen F. Clattenburg, Perkinsville 263-5505
Richard N. Clattenburg, Perkinsville 263-5505
C. Peter Cole, Ascutney 674-6436
Steve A. Hier, Springfield 674-5025
Michael J. Stankevich, Greenbush 263-5640
Ginger Wimberg, Perkinsville, 263-5626

▶▶Town Office - Telephone: (802) 674-2626 - Fax: (802) 674-2117
•Town Manager - (802) 674-2626 ;
•Town Clerk - (802) 674-9500;
•Land Use - (802) 674-2626;
•Listers Office - (802) 674-2626;
•Town Highway Dept. - (802) 263-5272;
•Animal Control Officer - Cathy Sullivan- Phone: (603) 477-1229

674-2484 Ascutney Union Church, United Church of Christ (UCC), Route 5, Ascutney
546-4902 Bow Baptist Church (Independent), Route 5, Weathersfield Bow
674-5002 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), Route 5, Ascutney
674-2266 Open Bible Baptist Church, Cemetery Road, Ascutney
263-9497 First Congregational Church of Weathersfield (UCC), Center Road

263-9539 Perkinsville Community Church (UCC), Perkinsville Green

Community Service Groups
AA Meetings Perkinsville Church, Thursdays at 6:00 pm
263-5931 AARP Income Tax Assistance
674-5254 Ascutney Food Pantry (Geraldine Rudenfeldt) 2nd and 4th Saturdays
9:00 am-10:00 am
885-2083 Bone Builders Exercise Class (Linda Husband) Martin Memorial Hall
674-2626 Connecticut River Joint Commission
460-1195 CT River Transit (drivers for medical appointments)
674-5280 Energy Ad Hoc Committee
674-2626 Food Shelf (emergency assistance) Town Office
674-9365 Food Shelf Perkinsville (Janet Gould) Every Thursday 2:00 pm-3:00 pm
885-2083 Green Mountain RSVP and Volunteer Center (Linda Husband)
263-5439 Green-Up (litter-free environment) Steve Aikenhead
263-9398 Parks and Recreation (Sue Boyer)
885-2083 RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)
1-800-464-9951 SEVCA (Southeastern Vermont Community Action)

674-5971 Volunteers in Action ??

Volunteer Fire Associations
263-5377 Ascutney Volunteer Fire Association Darrin Spaulding, Chief
263-5531 West Weathersfield Volunteer Fire Dept. Joshua Dauphin, Chief

Firemen's Auxiliaries
674-6869 Ascutney Volunteer Fire Dept. Auxiliary
263-5345 W. Weathersfield Vol. Fire Dept. Auxiliary Dottie Crandal

Friends of the Meeting House
263-5439 Steve Aikenhead

Historical Society
263-5626 Weathersfield Historical Society
PO Box 126, Weathersfield VT 05151 1342 Weathersfield Center Rd Ginger Wimberg, President
Gail Woodbury, Treasurer

263-5230 The Rev. Dan Foster House Museum (May to October)

Mt. Ascutney Prevention Partnership (MAPP)
674-5400 Weathersfield School

674-5400 Parent Teachers Association (information - Weathersfield School)

Salmond Covered Bridge and Park
263-5377 Contact Dorothy Grover

Weathersfield Land Preservation Association

263 5547 Contact Willis Wood

Weathersfield Proctor Library
674-2863 5181 Route 5, PO Box 519, Ascutney VT 05030

Weathersfield Proctor Library Friends

674-2863 Friends of Weathersfield Proctor Library (Barbara Putnam 263-5534)

Windsor County Partners (youth mentors)
674-5101 Paula Townsend

Family Recreation Groups:
463-5129 Ascutney Mountain Audubon
Contact Marianne Walsh 885-9420, Alma Beals 722-3355 or Ellen Allman (membership)
674-2326 Ascutney Trails Association (ATA) Contact Barbara Rhoad
263-5877 Adventure Club (camping ministry) Kate Tobey
674-9577 Weathersfield Recreational and Prevention Programs

Fish & Game
886-9988 Precision Valley Fish & Game Association Route 106

Hiking/Trails Club

263-5439, Ascutney Hiking Trials PO Box 265, 674-5280 Steve Aikenhead, Julia Lloyd Wright Perkinsville, VT 05151

Other Information:
Health Officer No longer issues septic permits
Septic permits are no longer available from the town manager

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