In memory of Betty Adams, Fran Wright
In honor of : Sally Harris, Ruth Kelin, Polly Bergeron, Mary Harlow, Judy Barton, Pam MacNutt and Bonnie Bliss…the original ladies of The Directory

Town Services

Town Office - Telephone: [802] 674-2626 - Fax: [802] 674-2117
Town Manager - Ed Morris - [802] 674-2626 - email

Town Clerk - Flo-Ann Dango - [802] 674-9500 - email
Asst Town Clerk- Marion Ballam
Land Use - Hal Wilkins - [802] 674-2626 - email
Monday-Thursday 7:30-3:30
Listers Office - [802] 674-2626 - email
9:00-5:00 Thursday
Town Highway Department - Superintendent Westley W. Hazeltine - [802] 263-5272 -email

Emergency Services
Ascutney Volunteer Fire Department
Chief Engineer, Darrin R. Spaulding
Dispatch: [802] 295-9425
Ascutney Fire Station
P O Box 91
Ascutney, Vermont 05030
Non Emergency: [802] 674-6869

West Weathersfield Volunteer Fire Department
Chief Engineer, Joshua Dauphin
Dispatch: [802] 295-9425
West Weathersfield Fire Station
7259 Route 131
Perkinsville, VT 05151
Non Emergency: [802] 263-5655

Fire Commission
Darrin Spaulding, Joshua Dauphin, Lynn Esty

Fire Wardens
Darrin Spaulding 802-296-1888
Deputy Fire Warden 
Josh Dauphin 802-356-0623

Permits are required for ALL outside burning

Burn Permits
Tom Heiser 802-674-6664
Mychael Spaulding 802-356-0038

Weathersfield Police Department
Chief of Police
William Daniels
Dispatch: [802] 674-2185
Mailing Address: 
Weathersfield Police Dept.
Post Office Box 550
Ascutney, VT 05030-0550

Animal Control Officer - Cathy Sullivan- Phone: [603] 477-1229
Lost My Way Animal Shelter
Weathersfield Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (Lynn Esty) email

Golden Cross Ambulance
1 Lincoln Heights, Claremont, NH
Non Emergency: [603] 542-6660

The Select Board
2013-2014 Select Board
Kelly Murphy, Chairperson
Lynn Esty, Vice-Chairperson
AmyBeth Main, Board Clerk
Daniel Boyer, Selector
C. Peter Cole, Selector
Email the Select Board
Town Office: (802) 674-2626

Select Board Meetings first and third Monday of each month

Justices of The Peace
Gregg P. Adamovich, Ascutney 674-2371
John Arrison, Ascutney 263-9405
Everett C. Bingham, Ascutney 674-5626
Ellen F. Clattenburg, Perkinsville 263-5505
Richard N. Clattenburg, Ascutney 674-6436
C. Peter Cole, Ascutney 674-6436
Steve A. Hier, Springfield 674-5025
Michael J. Stankevich, Reading 263-5640

Weathersfield School
Weathersfield School
Superintendent, Dr. David Baker
Principal, JeanMarie Oakman
Grades K-8
135 Schoolhouse Road
PO Box 279
Ascutney, VT

Volunteer Fire Associations
263-5377 Ascutney Volunteer Fire Association Darrin Spaulding, Chief
263-5531 West Weathersfield Volunteer Fire Dept. Joshua Dauphin, Chief

Firemen's Auxiliaries
674-6869 Ascutney Volunteer Fire Dept. Auxiliary
263-5345 W. Weathersfield Vol. Fire Dept. Auxiliary Dottie Crandal

Community Service Groups
674-6462 Council on Aging (advice and activities) Betsy Neuhaus
674-2626 Food Shelf (emergency assistance) Town Office
263-5439 Green-Up (litter-free environment) Steve Aikenhead
674-2626 Parks and Recreation Susan Boyer
885-2083 RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) Betty Adams
1-800-464-9951 SEVCA (Southeastern Vermont Community Action)
263-5931 AARP Income Tax Assistance
674-2626 Town Service Officer To Be Announced

Historical Society
263-5547 Weathersfield Historical Society Ginger Wimberg, President
263-5230 The Rev. Dan Foster House Museum (May to October)

Library Friends
674-2863 Friends of Weathersfield Proctor Library (information - library)

263-9224 Parent Teachers Association (information - Weathersfield School)

Other Information:
Health Officer No longer issues septic permits
Septic permits are no longer available from the town manager

Punch Cards for the Transfer Station cannot be purchased at the Ascutney Market…but they can be purchased at the Ascutney Sunoco, along with the town office and Downer’s store

Weathersfield News And Calendar Events
Weathersfield Community Info.
Weathersfield VT Facebook Page

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