Town Boards and Commissions

2017-2018 Select Board
Kelly Murphy, Chairperson
Lynn Esty, Vice-Chairperson
Amy Beth Main, Clerk
C. Peter Cole
Town Office: (802) 674-2626

2017-2018 Select Board
Kelly Murphy, Chairperson
Lynn Esty, Vice-Chairperson
Amy Beth Main, Clerk
C. Peter Cole
Dan Boyer
Town Office: (802) 674-2626
The Select Board is the legislative body of the Town, and is responsible for the operation of municipal services. The Board has the authority to enact ordinances and regulations as required for the health, safety, and welfare of the residents. The Board approves an annual budget for presentation to the voters at Town Meeting.
Board meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. The first Monday meeting is at Martin Memorial Hall; during the spring, summer, and fall, the third Monday meeting rotates between a variety of locations throughout the Town. The agenda for each meeting is finalized on the Thursday immediately preceding the meeting. In addition to the agenda items, the Board provides individuals the opportunity to speak to the Board under 'Comments from Citizens' at the beginning of each meeting. Meetings are recorded by the Springfield Area Public Access [SAPA] [click for schedule] and are broadcast on Adelphia Cable Channel 10 for those individuals who subscribe to local cable television.

2017-2018 Planning Commission
Julie Schmitz, Chair
Nancy Heatley, Vice-Chair
Paul Tillman, Clerk
Michael Todd

Gilbert Whittemore

Julia Lloyd Wright, Ex Officio, Recording Secretary
The Planning Commission is responsible for the development and updating of the Town Plan, Zoning Bylaws, and Subdivision Regulations. Additionally, it reviews applications for subdivisions. The Planning Commission also participates in District Environmental Commission hearings as one of the statutory parties representing the Town.
Commission meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at Martin Memorial Hall.

2017-2018 Zoning Board of Adjustment
Betty Brooks (2018)
Willis Wood (2018)
Ethan McNaughton (2018)
Land Use Administrator: Hal Wilkins  802-674-2626
Recording Secretary - 
The Zoning Board acts as a "quasi-judicial" board; it considers applications for variances and conditional use permits using criteria established in the Zoning Regulations, and decides on appeals from decisions made by the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Board also conducts site plan reviews. Applications are available to download from the Forms section.
The Zoning Board of Adjustment meetings are scheduled as needed and are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Martin Memorial Hall.

Mike Todd, Chair;  Betty Jo Esty, Vice-Chair; Gloria Ballantine, Clerk; Elizabeth Deliso, Beverly Howe, and Bruce Murray

Meetings are usually held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

George Murray

Prudential Committee
Harold Pyke

William Southard

Everett C. Bingham

District Clerk
Gloria Murray

District Treasurer
Marion J. Ballam

Municipal Manager
Until Revoked

Regular meetings are held the Second Monday of each month at Martin Memorial Hall.
Annual Meeting: First Tuesday in May
7:00 P.M.
Martin Memorial Hall

2017-2018 Budget Committee
The Budget Advisory Committee provides advisory assistance to the Town Manager in developing a budget and to the Selectboard in adopting a budget for presentation to the voters at Town Meeting. Members are appointed by the Select Board on an annual basis.
Meetings are called as needed.

Members include the Justices of Peace, Select Board, and Town Clerk
Town Office:  (802) 674-2626
The Board of Civil Authority is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date Voters' Checklist and will make changes to the Checklist as needed. The Board also assists at elections, delivers absentee ballots, and hears appeals from final decisions of the Listers as to the valuation of property. The Board meets when required at Town Hall.

Members include the Justices of Peace, Selectmen, Listers, and Town Treasurer
Town Office:  (802) 674-2626
The Board of Abatement has the authority to abate all or a portion of a resident's property taxes, collection fees, and interest assessed by the Town according to specific criteria established by Vermont State Statutes. The Board meets as required to hear requests for tax abatement.

Julia Lloyd Wright, Ken Blum, Beverly Howe, Robert Holtorf, Michael Stankevich
Each year the Cemetery Commissioners use the Town Report as an opportunity to thank the many people who help care for the ten cemeteries under town responsibility. This year we make extra special mention of Wes Hazeltine and our town crew who went beyond the call of duty in cleaning up and taking away the remains of two huge pine trees lying in the Hubbard Cemetery. Those of you who visited the Hubbard during the Historical Society program highlighting our cemeteries can appreciate this task. In addition several head stones were repaired at the Upham and Plains cemeteries, and two private donations helped cut trees and repair the wall around the Tuttle. Our town cemeteries are in reasonably good shape and a plan is in place for both normal maintenance and special projects for next year.
The Cemetery Commission meets on an as need basis.

The Weathersfield Conservation Commission serves the Town by identifying, protecting, and preserving:

•significant natural and fragile areas as identified by Elizabeth Thompson in her 1992 work:  "Biological Natural Areas of Weathersfield, VT"
•outstanding water resources (ponds, rivers, aquifers, wetlands and vernal pools)
•significant roads, waterways and views
•the quality of the air, water, wildlife and land resource

We also provide advisory environmental evaluations to the Planning Commission on the impact of subdivisions on our natural, scenic and historic resources which include checking for deer wintering areas, prime agricultural soils, wetlands & streams, steepness, fragile areas, historic, rare plant and animal communities, etc.

This year we:
•co-sponsored a talk by the Upper Valley Land Trust on conservation easements
•led a Garlic Mustard Pull (an invasive plant) at the Dan Foster House
•plan to complete our Tree Canopy map of town roads
•will co-sponsor 'A Sense of Place' potluck supper and celebration of the land on Sept. 17, 2014 with the Weathersfield Land Protection Assoc.
•will sponsor a wildlife photo contest
•plan to administer the newly conserved Town Forest as soon as a trailhead and access can be developed
•lead hikes to significant sites
•will update our Agriculture Brochure
•are working on an aquifer map of the Town
•maintain the Wildlife Inventory on the Town's website

An important duty of the Conservation Com. is educating the public and we have had workshops on:  Invasive Species,  Vernal Pools,  Amphibian Crossings, and plan to have more.  We have brochures on Invasive Species available at the Town Office.

Our meetings take place on the fourth Thursday every month at 7:00 PM at the Center Meetinghouse Church and we would welcome visitors and any input.

Tina Wood, chair (2016)
Susan Hindinger Sec. (2016)
Roy Burton, Trea. (2015)
George Ainley, site visit co-ordinator (2015)
Harry Temple (2017)
Heather Shand (2017)
Jeff Pelton (2017)
Hal Wilkins, ex-officio

2017-2018 Fire Commission
Ascutney Chief Darrin Spaulding ex-officio
West Weathersfield Chief Joshua Dauphin ex-officio
Joseph Egan Sr.

The Fire Commission consists of a representative from the Select Board, the chief engineer from each fire departments, and two (2) citizens-at-large appointed by the Select Board for two year terms.
The Commission is responsible for maintaining and improving communications and cooperation between both fire departments and the Select Board.
The Fire Commission meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M., rotating between the two (2) fire stations.

Board of Library Trustees 2015-2016 (3 year term)
Ernie Shand, Chair - 2017
Jeanne Voorhees, Vice-Chair - 2018 
Nancy McMenemy, Secretary - 2018
Susan Whittemore - 2017
Roderick Bates, 2016

The Library Trustees are the elected officials responsible for the operation of the Town's Library. This includes overseeing the operation, financial activities, and future improvements to both the facility and its contents.
Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the library. Open meeting - members of the public are always welcome.
Library Website:
Trustee Page:
Children's Room and Young Adult page:

Carol Orth, Susan A. Boyer, Julia Lloyd-Wright

The Weathersfield Parks and Recreation Committee meets on an as need basis.

Marilyn Houghton, Chairperson / Edith Stillson, Trustee / Patricia Daniels, Trustee 
Martin Memorial Hall, which is the present home of the Town Offices, was donated to the Town by Clarence Martin, an Ascutney resident and business owner, to be used as a community facility.
The Trustees, who are appointed by the Select Board on a yearly basis, were originally formed by Mr. Martin as part of the bequest, and are responsible for the operation and maintenance of Martin Memorial Hall and the surrounding property.  The Trustees also oversee the rental of the Hall for the large variety of private events which are conducted there.

Henry C. Cobb, Jr., Chairperson;  Lisa Slade, Bob Dickenson, deForest Bearse, Edith Stillson, Jeff Slade, Ernie & Cookie Shand, Gloria Ballantine

The willingness with which our young
people are likely to serve in any war,
no matter how justified, shall be directly
proportional as to how they perceive
veterans of earlier wars were treated by
their nation.
- George Washington

George Washington believed the willingness of young people to serve in the military directly relates to how they see veterans treated, says former Weathersfield Select Board member Col. Henry Chip Cobb, US Army (ret.). In that spirit, a group of Weathersfield residents has spearheaded an effort to create a new memorial honoring the veterans of America's conflicts. Meetings are held on as need basis.

Steve Aikenhead, Julie Levy, Bart Mair, Nate McKeen, Willis Wood

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