Mission Statement

It is the purpose of this Directory to provide relevant information to new and present residents of the town: information from both Ascutney and Perkinsville and all points in between and around. The distance between the two villages and the psychological barrier of a high hill is not conducive to total town community spirit. With this booklet we would like to help dispel this feeling in many ways, but especially be making available the working knowledge of our community so that residents may take advantage of community enterprises. We have been amazed at the number of businesses in our small town, many of which we didn’t know existed. Weathersfield is indeed a multi-faceted, multi-talented community!

Copies of the Directory will be available in the Town Office and Weathersfield Proctor Library, as well as other various businesses, and we are attempting to distribute them to ALL residents, either by delivery or mail.

Note: It is inevitable that omissions and inaccuracies may occur in a publication such as this, but we hope they have been kept to a minimum. All of the work on this booklet (prior to printing) has been all done by volunteers. We are grateful to them for all their hard work and to all our advertisers, who, through their generosity, have helped underwrite this booklet.
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