The purpose of this Directory was, and contin­ues to be, the presentation of relevant informa­tion to new and present residents of the Town of Weathersfield; information for both Ascut­ney and Perkinsville and all points in between and around.
The distance between the two villages and the psychological barrier of a high hill is not condu­cive to total town community spirit.
Weathersfield is a multi-faceted, multi-talented community! We continue to print this Direc­tory in the hopes that we can share a working knowledge of our community and neighbor­hood enterprises. Shopping local and em­ploying local workers helps to strengthen our economy.

The Directory is available online at:

You can contact us through email at:

Note: It is inevitable that omissions and inaccuracies may occur in a publication such as this, but we have done our best to keep these at a minimum. All of the work on this booklet (prior to printing) has been all done by volunteers. We are grateful to them for all their hard work and to all our advertises, who, through their generosity, have completely underwritten this booklet.

The Committee:
Bev Howe-Fluette
Pat Waite
Beth Gorton
Sally Harris
Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
Lynn Esty

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