Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Directories Are Here! The Directories Are Here!

Weathersfield proudly announces 
again, available to Weathersfield residents. 

This FREE 24-page Directory is full of information regarding all aspects of the Town of Weathersfield, Vermont: emergency contact information, Town Offices and Services, Community Organizations, Family Recreation, Museums and Historical Attractions and Businesses/Advertisers. 

The new bonus to the Weathersfield Directory is that we are available will get you a current, up-to-date version at the convenience of your fingertips.

If your business or organization is located in Weathersfield you should be in the Directory!
Directories were picked up from the printers on Monday, May 6 and sent to the post office on Friday, May 10. Be looking in your mail box for your copy of the Weathersfield Directory.

Didn't receive a copy in the mail? 
The Directory will be available after May 15th at various locations around town - the Weathersfield Proctor Library, Weathersfield Town Offices, Ascutney Market and Downers Jiffy Mart.

Wish to contact us? Have a question? will get you the answers you are looking for.

This version of the printed and on-line Directory will be valid through December 31, 2014. At that time, we start all over again! A new booklet version will be printed and the on-line submission will need to be renewed.

A wonderful group of dedicated volunteers worked (and are working) hard to provide this Directory to our community. Our most heartfelt thanks go to all those who helped in any way to produce both the booklet and on-line version. Many hands made light work.

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